How to Import and Preview Fill Patterns Without Lots of Extra Clicking

Are you sick of clicking a zillion times to import a fill pattern and apply it to a material in your project only to see that it’s the wrong scale and you need to start all over again?  I used to go through the materials tab and create a new fill pattern every single time until I figured out a faster, simpler way.

Create a fill pattern called Test Fill and assign it to a material.  Build a wall with that material so you can easily see how it looks in your project.

Next assign a keyboard shortcut such as “FP” to the Fill Patterns dialog.

Now you can type “FP” to bring up the dialog, and double-click on Test Fill.  Import a new pattern file and set the scale.  Press okay twice to see how it looks.

Repeat as needed until you have the appropriate pattern and scale.  Once you’re happy with it, simply duplicate Test Fill and give your new pattern a name.


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