How to Enter Inches Easily With One Hand

If you’re used to Sketch-Up and AutoCAD where typing 1 gives you one inch rather than one foot, the Revit default input can be a pain to get used to.  Instead of typing 6 (6+enter) with one hand on the number pad, you have to use two hands on the main keyboard to type 6″ (6+shift+quote+enter).

You could change the project units in your template to inches, but if you still want dimensions and such to display feet, you’d have to go in and edit every annotation family to use the proper formatting.

Revit Inchworm changes the function of the enter and plus keys on the number pad so you can add foot and inch marks with one hand.  That’s helpful, but you have to remember not to use the enter key on the main keyboard because it won’t add the inch-mark for you.  Also Revit Inchworm gets in the way when you use SketchUp.

The best way I’ve found to handle this problem is to take advantage of Revit’s shortcuts for entering units.  The 0 6 (0+space+6+enter)  method is not much help because you still need to reach over to the space bar or use two hands.  However, you can also type 0-6 (0+minus+6+enter).  It’ll take a little while to get used to but since all the keys you need are on the number pad it requires only one hand and no acrobatics.  Once you build muscle memory it’s a piece of cake.



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