How to Make Temporary Dimensions Easier to Click

Do you have a frustrating time trying to select temporary dimensions so you can type in a new value?  When the distance is short, it’s hard to select the number.  You have to be very careful to avoid clicking the little blue dot that makes the witness line jump around.  Zooming in makes it easier but still slows you down.

Tiny Temp Dimension
So hard to read, let alone click!
Oops!  Come back here, witness line!

The best solution to this hassle is to change the size of the temporary dimension text.  You only have to make the change once, and it will apply whenever you open Revit, no matter which project you’re in.

Open up the Options window from the corner Revit menu.

On the Graphics page, you’ll find a place to select the size the temporary dimension text.  The default is 8, which is pretty tiny.  Bump it up to something like 16, and it will become much easier to select the text rather than the witness line.  You can experiment with different sizes to figure out which one you like the best.

While you’re in the Options window, consider changing the Pre-selection color from the default blue to a contrasting color.  As the picture below shows, it makes it really easy to tell what you’re about to select.  And the large text makes such a big difference!

Large Temp Dimension




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